Saturday, December 29, 2012

100% for charity!

I know I lag with blog posts but trust me when you I tell you that I've been working nonstop. Through the magic of ESC, I've had quite a few holiday 2012 drops and this one above is just for charity. All 100% of the proceeds of the Uncharted Drake NAUGHTY DOG STAFF signed Shiro figure will go to the Child's Play charity. On the behalf of ESC and myself I want to thank everyone at Naughty Dog for taking the time out to do this with us. FYI-those signatures are real and not printed and one of them is even smudged! So cool! This is indeed limited to 1pc worldwide and it supports a terrific cause. The auction is live here on Ebay. Thank you so much for your time and support! I will have more updates coming soon.