Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Mama Sama Dungeon Runner

Surprise! Usually we don't do Wednesday drops but I thought it would be a good idea this time around. The new Mama Sama Dungeon Runner figure is now available at the new ESC shop. Limited to only 30pcs. The Mama Sama saga continues:


Mama Sama chased the Pearly Guardian into a dark dungeon where she lost track of him. The Pearly Guardian knew the dungeon very well because it was a maze trap he built for his boss the Boom Jack Papa Sama. The maze was to prevent anyone from reaching his treasure of "Wood Hermit" masks.

In order to trap Mama Sama forever in the dungeon, the Pearly Guardian threw a potion at Mama Sama. The effects of it would turn her into a permanent shadow that would be controlled by dungeon's candle lights. He accidentally missed but drops of the potion altered Mama Sama's appearance and weapon. The Pearly Guardian saw this and hauled tail