Thursday, November 11, 2010

Skratch 9th Life Release-11/12-2010

I showed this colorway off last month at NYCC. This is the 2nd colorway after the Purple Claws colorway that was released earlier this year and sold out. The 9th Life colorway is limited to 30pcs. worldwide. Figures will be available at the ESC Ebay shop on 11/12/10 at 11am. There's also a scavenger hunt for a Skratch Yarn Shroom that compliments the figure. Here are the details and good luck!

Late one evening around midnight, Skratch Purple Claws fell asleep listening to her favorite ESC podcast, The Revenge of Chelly Chainsaw. The sounds of Chelly's chainsaw bringing silly toys to their end brought comfort to her big ears. She fell into a deep sleep and entered a dream. Skratch was in a large room with hair brush and floating mirror. She began to brush her hair in her reflection. Sounds from the Chelly Chainsaw podcast were still heard in the background. She purred in her bliss.
Suddenly the mirror broke and from its shards her alter ego appeared called the "9th Life". Skratch was impressed by her alter egos' outfit colors very much to the point she even became jealous of her. Stuck with no way out of the dream, Skratch must now battle against the "9th Life" in a deadly game of....patty cake.