Friday, August 20, 2010

Skratch Purple Claws release 08/27/10

Here we go! Skratch Purple Claws will be available next Friday-08/20/2010 at 9am EST at the ESC bay shop. The 6" hand painted resin figures by moi will come signed, serial numbered and packed tight. Here's Skratch's story:

Recently Skratch grew tired of her job stacking boxes at a local toy shop. She was underpaid, cranky and hated the fact that she didn't get any freebies. Her big mouth boss made her job harder by telling her that if she worked a little bit harder, she would be awarded with the title "Employee of the Month". Skratch couldn't care less for the title. Every month that title went to a lazy Purpolo Papa Sama that was favored by the boss for some mysterious reason, but that's another story.

One day a large box fell on Skratch's head due to the Purpolo Papa Sama's neglect. She couldn't take it anymore and she decided to quit. Her boss asked "where are you going to find a better job in this economy? Besides you're a purple puss with no boots. Who would hire you?". That "purple puss" comment drove her over the edge as she popped her claws out and went after her boss. The chase came to a halt when they noticed an ice cream covered mouse opening an ice cream store across the street. It was lunch time.