Thursday, April 08, 2010

OSK news

Well it's been a while since I had some OSK "Old Skool Kaiju" news. Here's what's been happening. The new super villain for the series is called Hatch; a mutant roach that multiplies himself by laying eggs from the back of his shell. Being a New Yorker I couldn't resist creating a character like this. He joins the ranks of Muraida and Super Villain Dizign that have been previously released. The figure was supposed to debut at a show in Japan but due to some issues it didn't get to appear. Hatch was featured in both April issues of Hyper Hobby and Quanto-Japan. Very cool. Big shout out to the editors for this.

Now the third image which is an illustration of Ultra Dizign squaring off with Hatch in a city is a secret crossover project that's in development here in ESC. This piece was done by manga artist Yajima in Osaka. I'm not going to release too much just yet but it's going to be a very SICK!!!