Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Jay Electronica

Music is subject that I love to speak about when I'm working. Believe it or not it has a very heavy influence on my creative mood. Hence why I used to hang around rappers back in the day. For several years I haven't found anything that I was feeling. Yes that is correct-several years. That is until my boy Greg Phillips Producer at SCEA "Ratchet & Clank, Infamous, Trine of recent" put me on to something very special. I have to say just off the artist name I was "Jay what?" Then again how can I be so fast to talk when my last name is "Scarecrow". Moving past the name and into the music. It's literally a rap. How can I describe Jay's flow? Imagine an immensely talented emcee arriving from a lyrical 1990s dimension. Each line is filled with complex, creative content that you won't catch the first time around. Like Jay says he camouflage's his style. Damn. I can't even single out one line from all I've heard from him. There's just too much. I haven't been excited about a new artist in years. Years I tell you. Tracks like "Exhibit C" give you an idea of how how easy it is for him to burn so much garbage thats out there. Plus that Just Blaze beat intensifies the flames. I'm so happy, so, so happy that there's artists out there that actually take the time out to think about what they're going to say. For me he is the resurrection for the new decade.