Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ice Cream Micci Taiwan

One of my favorite flavors as of late. Chocolate ice cream with chocolate sprinkles on a vanilla cone. Damn! I didn't even have breakfast yet and if I had the chance to eat a Micci like this I would waste no time. I was asked in an email recently from a collector "whom I will keep private" what's up with all the Ice Cream flavors? Do you have a sweet tooth? Yes I most certainly do. When I was younger I worked in an ice cream shop and would mix different flavors and toppings. It was a great summer job until it closed down :( I guess through my Mousey Micci collection I can share my love for sweets

Vince's Toy Studio out in Taiwan will offer only 25pcs of this special flavor. They will be available 11/12/09. Those who are interested please contact him here.